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      Over the past 18 years, stock market investors have experienced two significant market collapses. Even with the U.S. bull market since spring 2009, many investors have not participated significantly due to lingering fears from past bubbles.* So, is there way to actively invest while still respecting the potential problems from central bank "money printing" and excessive government debt? The Wall Street mutual fund community promotes a “buy and hope” approach. For those who are younger perhaps that works. For those who can’t afford or don’t want to see their investments go through a large downturn, maybe a “tactical sailing ship” is preferable to a “plow horse.”

       Large endowment funds at universities like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford invest quite differently than the average investor.** Typically they only have 35% - 40% in "traditional" stocks and bonds. 60% is invested into "alternatives" that include tactical strategies, private debt and real estate and many other categories. These strategies have proven their ability to create superior "risk adjusted" returns*** as well as creating "non-correlated" truly diversified portfolios.

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* Alok Kumarand William Goetzmann. "Equity Portfolio Diversification." Yale International Center for Finance Working paper No.00-59, November 2002: 1-43
*** Past returns are not guaranteed. Like all investing, there is a risk of losing money.

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